Vastu Shastra for Doors and Internal Staircase

The exact position of the main entrance door of a house in a specific direction has a great influence on the wellbeing and prosperity of its occupants. Vastupadavinyas (i.e. apportionment of internal machinery with wheels lying in front of the main door. But if there is a road in between, it will not effect adversely.

  • Approach road forming a T junction with the plot, with two exception. – A> Road nearing North-East direction, abutting the property either from North or East is auspicious. and B> Road nearing the South-East direction, abutting the property from South does not adversely affect the house.
  • The door should not be placed in the North-West or SOuth-West direction under any circumstances.
  • Points to be remembered :

    • Always use new door for a new house.
    • The quality and decoration of the main door should be superior to those of the rest of the doors.
    • The rest of the doors in the house should not be larger and / or greater in height than the main door.
    • Size of the main entrance should not be disproportionate with respect to the size of the house,else sickness and diseases disturb the house.
    • If the main door is smaller in size compared to the size of the house, it results in loss of wealth.
    • Cracked entrance door can generate adversity and unhappiness in the family.
    • Symbols like Swastik, Aum, Urn (Kalash), Coconut-leaf, prove auspicious and prevent the entry of the evil tendencies. Rangoli decorations in front of the main door completely stops the entry of evil tendencies in the house.
    • The number of doors and windows counted separately should always be even except 10 and 20.


    In Vastu Shastra, it is stipulated that the internal staircase be sited to the West or North, but one should climb up towards South Direction only. Such staircase be provided with two doors, one at each level. However, the door at the higher level should have an area equivalent to 11/12th the area of the lower level door.

    Under any circumstances a staircase should never be placed in North-East direction.

    Source by Jaksha Shah

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