Meet Boris Mark II: His jokes are back but under much tighter control

The make-up woman at the BBC’s Millbank studio room in Westminster offers observed a switch in Boris Johnson’s appearance. ‘His locks are usually much smarter right now,’ she told me as she slapped anti-shine talc on my pate for the Daily Politics display. ‘But he still messes it up a little after I’ve combed it.’

Boris Tag II offers joined the fray. As his meeting dialog, this week exhibited, he’s even now producing the gags nonetheless they enjoy second fiddle to his even more significant aspirations as an effective Foreign Secretary and, in the end, PM.

Like some uncommon varieties of blond cockroach, Boris made it the post referendum nuclear fallout while the additional Bullingdon kids and the Notting Hill Collection were wiped off the encounter of the globe.

Actually, though he struggled for Brexit, he was shocked at the aftermath just search at his encounter, and Michael Gove’s, in that press meeting on 24 Summer after David Cameron resigned. Boris normally, therefore, great at covering his emotions beneath a thousand onion skins was shell shocked.

Insiders state he was astonished to come to be supplied the Foreign Secretary’s task. His possible future possessed felt to deliver little extra than a backbencher’s personal life, well padded with the funds from his Telegraph column, his catalogs, and a few celeb outings. He was meant to turn into little extra than an upmarket Ed Balls, dismally visiting the Television set broadcasters, living off the crumbs of yesteryear’s recognition.

For some period after he started out the task in June, he traveled into comic purdah as he jettisoned the clown costume. Craig Brown leafy informed that ‘Boris’s picked straighteners is normally to turn into a variety of blond Jack Straw, hurtling worldwide to examine boring speeches to bored audiences. Any probability of offense or exhilaration will have got been expertly excised, giving nothing at all but a long term drone of unimpeachable waffle.’ Do you want own drone/quadcopter? If you do that just search and read about best indoor quadcopter outdoor review then buy it.

That was the case for a few months a tad of stress for somebody like me, seeking to add even more wit and intelligence to an up to date collection of Boris’s very best visits. Would I have got to merely add a few extra blank pages to covers his post referendum existence? Give thanks to Goodness; his convention talk revealed funny Boris provides used over once again from stunned Boris.


Encourage back again the wonderful L.G. Wodehouse similes: asking people if they were in favor of democracy is definitely ‘like asking Maria von Trapp whether she was in favor of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.’ There had been the bathetic comparisons: ‘politics freedom traveled with monetary freedom like investing in a two for one ice cream Snickers standard (simply no cost market segments could make something hence nifty) and a backup of Individual Eyeball (no cost language of a kind even now anonymous in many of the entire world).’

Boris as well goes back to his bewitching behavior of raiding the dictionary and minting his private vocab. Below he was, taking advantage of ‘great and ruminative feasts of meal or evening meal in the castles of Mitteleuropa,’ having ‘terrific interactions in my different Euro creoles,’ choosing on the ‘lurking gloomed on poppers.’

Thus, Comic Boris results. But there’s a subtle move. The jokes will be simply no longtakinger the primary training course; they will be the hors d’oeuvres. His convention jokes were gaffe free and uncontroversial, and the significant communication beneath was very clear: that liberal democracy and United Kingdom gentle electricity will be forces beyond compare and contrast.

Right now Boris simply no much longer features his Telegraph column, he will not include to take in readers with the histrionic splashes or OTT lines that had been then simply converted by the press into gaffes.

Will the new found seriousness consider him all the method to No more? 10? Who is aware of? But I call to mind a story an Eton friend of Boris Johnson’s told me. At every big hurdle in life, this friend thought Boris wouldn’t quite pull it off. Every time, Boris has proved him wrong. Boris had done too little work, this friend thought, to get into Oxford he strolled into Balliol with a Brackenbury Scholarship. Boris was too much of a maverick to make it in the Oxford Union he became president. Boris was too chaotic to become Spectator editor/ an MP/the London mayor. We all know what happened next. This schoolfriend has been proved wrong so various moments that he feels Boris can be limited to turn into the excellent minister.


I once asked Boris’s outdated classics tutor about his probabilities of rendering it to Downing Avenue. ‘CapEx imperial nisi impressed …’ stated the tutor, quoting the Roman historian Tacitus on Emperor Galba: ‘He was up to the work of Emperor simply because longer as he hardly ever started to be emperor.’

I’m not thus sure. The imperial wreath can be today tantalizingly close.

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Leo Ascendant – Sign and Houses

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The lord of the Ascendant becomes the Sun. Such persons develop the traits and the qualities of Sun. When the Sun, is strong in the horoscope, such people become brave, influential, endowed with ruling powers, strong of heart and strong of bones. On the other hand, if their Sun is weak and afflicted by malefic influence, then the persons are put to much dishonor in life, have trouble in their eyes, are likely to suffer from heart trouble and troubles of the belly and are always opposed to the government of the day.

Virgo in the Second Houses. If Virgo is in the second house, Mercury becomes the lord of two houses of finance. It also becomes a planet of “Value” and “Plenty”. The influence of Mercury in such a case on a house and its lord will, therefore, enhance the value and prospects of that house and make it rich and of high quality. Strong Mercury unaffiliated gives much wealth. Such a person earns through “interest” on deposits etc. for the yoga indicates income (11th house), through “finance” (2nd house). Such a person has many elder sisters to his mother, as Mercury a female planet becomes lord of the second house. On the contrary if Mercury is weak and afflicted, by malefic through association or aspect, the native (a) gets hindrances in his education in boyhood (b) gets loss of wealth in early age (c) remains for some time away from his parents during the educational period (d) gets defect in his speech (e) gets an ugly face.

Libra in the Third House. When the sign Libra falls in the 3rd house, Venus becomes the lord of the 3rd and the 10th houses. Such a person uses his arms for the purpose of or for the benefit of the government of the day. If Saturn too is strong and is favourably situated from the 3rd house, the younger brother of the native (of course if he has one) rises to high position in life. A strong Venus for people with Leo as their ascendant is not conducive to wealth. For them it would be better, if they have a weak Venus, in order to have good finances.

Scorpio in the Fourth House. Mars becomes the lord of the 4th and 9th houses, when Scorpio falls in the 4th house. The fourth is an angle, while the 9th is a trine house. Hence by simultaneously owning a Kendra and a trine, Mars becomes a Raja Yoga karaka i.e. a planet of affluence and power, and in the event of being strong, by house and sign position, gives in its sub period high class results in regard to comforts wealth, honour, ruling powers, governmental favour, position, promotion etc. Such a person is very likely to gain from property. He is also happy because of the benefit that he gets from his father. If Mars is weak and afflicted, the father of the native meets his end while the native is still young, the reason being that Mars in such a case becomes the lord of two houses each of which represents longevity of father. An afflicted Mars denotes trouble in the scrotum of the native’s father, for Mars becomes the lord of both the 8th sign and the 8th house, counted from the house of the father.

Sagittarius in the Fifth House. If Jupiter is strong it bestows a son upon the native. If on the other hand if Jupiter is weak it denies son to the native, for the simple reason that weakness of Jupiter, means the weakness not only of the lord of the 5th house but also of the karaka of that house. A strong Jupiter gives high education and a good measure of intelligence. A weak and afflicted Jupiter spoils and married life of the elder sister to the native in as much as Jupiter becomes both the lord as well as the significator of the 7th house from the 11th, i.e., the house of the husband of the elder sister of the native.

Capricorn in the Sixth House. The younger brother of the mother of the native has harsh speech, for Saturn becomes the lord of the second house (Speech) from the 6th house. A strong Saturn is not conducive to wealth. Saturn located in the 8th or the 2nd house causes physical trouble to the native during its Dasa and bhukti. A strong Saturn of course indicates that there is a good number of younger sisters to the mother of the native.

Aquarius and the Seventh House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 6th and the 7th houses. Saturn is a bad planet for Leo nativities. The sub period of Saturn in the main ruling period of Venus destroys wealth as well as health, because both Saturn and Venus are enemies of the lord of the Ascendant. The wife in such cases generally belongs to a family, that is lower in status than that of the native, particularly in cases where Saturn is without the benefic influence of Jupiter Moon etc.

Pisces and the Eighth House. Jupiter becomes the lord of the 5th and the 8th houses. If Jupiter is strong he gains through his sons. If it is weak and afflicted one is liable to be disgraced at the hands of one’s own progeny. A strong Jupiter is conducive to longevity, while a weak one gives shoft life. A weak Jupiter and an afflicted 8th house give overseas travels.

Aries in the Ninth House. Mars becomes the lord of the 9th and the 4th houses i.e. it becomes simultaneously the lord of a trine and a angle. With stronger Mars, the wealthier, honoured and powerful, the native will become. This is a yoga that may be interpreted as conducive to property acquired luckily. The mother of the native will be long lived. He will raise high in life. He will also earn the good will of the govt. of the day. If in the horoscope any planet is extremely weak then the father of the native will have trouble in the limb denoted by the house, over which that planet has lordship, particularly when the house concerned is also weak.

Taurus in the Tenth House. Venus as the lord of an angle, ceases to remain a benefic planet, and becomes a malefic planet by virtue of the fact of the ownership of the 3rd house. The Dasa and bhukti of Venus is not conducive to wealth unless Venus is extremely weak. The bhukti i.e. the sub period of Venus in the main period of Saturn is particularly bad for the native as both Venus and Saturn would be enemies to Sun the lord of the Ascendant, If Venus is strong the native has contacts with the VIPs and is active in obtaining the approbation of people very high in position.

Gemini in the Eleventh House. Mercury becomes the lord of the 11th and the 2nd houses. Both of these houses represent wealth. Hence if Mercury is strong the native becomes rich. If the Sun and Mercury are together and both are aspected by Jupiter, the native becomes bold, courageous, respected and in the good books of the govt. He gains through rent, interest etc. If Mercury is weak and afflicted the native suffers financially through his elder brother or the elder sister. If Rahu or Ketu is situated in the 11th or the 2nd house and Mercury is located in the 5th or the 9th house in association with or under the aspect of benefic planets, the sub period of Mercury becomes instrumental in bringing a wind fall to the native in the shape of a lottery or a prize. If both the 11th house and Mercury are under the aspect of Mars there is likelihood of the life of the mother of the native being cut short.

Cancer in the Twelfth House. The lordship of Moon over the 12th house indicates that the subject is given to luxury and enjoyment, more particularly if Moon is linked by association etc. with the 1st and the 4th houses and their lords. If Moon is away from the Sun and is not weak by affliction it is treated as a benefic planet and increases the prospects of the house in which it is located. Moon does not suffer even as a result of her lordship of the 8th house, the worst house in the horoscope, and as such there is no likelihood of her suffering as a result of being the lord of the 12th house, which is after all not as bad as the 8th house. Besides Moon is like the Ascendant and as such if strong is a great boon.

Source by Shanker Adawal

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Taurus Ascendant – Sign in Houses

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The natives of this Ascendant. Are generally of handsome built, as Venus the beautiful becomes the lord-of the Ascendant. They are given to luxurious living and have intimacy with people belonging to faiths other than the Hindus, as the other sign of the Ascendant falls in this case in the 6th house which is a house of others or foreigners. Such people are also prone to accidents for the same reason, and particularly when Mars and Jupiter are also influencing Venus (Mars is significator of injuries and Jupiter for Taurus Ascendant assumes violent role because of it’s lordship over the 11th house. People with this ascendant, though fond of a luxurious life are capable of working very hard like a bull once they set their mind on work.

Gemini in the Second House. If the sign Gemini is in the second house, and if Mercury is strong, the native becomes an orator, for the reason that Mercury the significator of speech has in this case become himself the lord of the two houses of speech viz of the second and the fifth and as such represents “speech” in the fullest measure and by being in strength boosts the power of speech to the fullest extent. If Mercury and Venus are together and are afflicted by the aspect etc., of such planets as Mars and Ketu, the first wife of the native does not live long. The reason is clear. In this case, both Venus the significator of wife, and Mercury the lord of the 8th house from that of the wife (7th) suffer and brings about the undesired effect.

Cancer in the Third House. The lord of the 4th sign is Moon-which is the significator of “Mind” and the 3rd house represents one’s “hobby”. Hence the house in which the Moon would be interested from the point of view of “Hobby”. For example if Moon is located in the 4th house in the sign Leo, one takes great interest in politics, if it is located in the 5th house in the sign Virgo, he is interested in places of amusement, such as the cinema, clubs etc. If Moon is weak and afflicted the chest of the younger brother of the native is weak, and he is likely to fall prey to such diseases of the chest as the T.B., pneumonia etc. If in addition to Moon being weak there is the affliction of the 3rd house as well, particularly by Mars, the younger brother of the native is likely to become hunch-backed.

Leo in the Fourth House. Sun becomes the lord of the 4th house when Leo falls in that house. If Sun is strong the residence of the native is wide and open with plenty of Sun shine in it. The native is bold with a broad chest. He has comforts of a high class in life. His mother is a lady with much prowess. If Sun is weak and afflicted by Saturn and Rahu, who if they also afflict the 4th house, the native is sure to leave his residence and live away from it most of his life. If such yoga obtains in the case of a govt., servant, he is liable to very frequent transfers. The mother of the native in such a case suffers from nervous troubles such as arthritis, paralysis etc.

Virgo in the Fifth House. Mercury becomes the lord of the 2nd and the 5th house. If Mercury is strong it makes the native an orator, wealthy and wise and his son gets much honour in life. The native possesses a handsome body. If on the other hand Mercury is weak and afflicted by malefic planets, the native suffers financial losses, he is not highly educated, he is likely to have aborted pregnancies, may have some defect in his speech and he is likely to suffer losses through his own son.

Libra in the Sixth House. If Venus is strong the younger brothers of the mother of the native stand to gain financially etc. Contrary is the case if Venus is weak. The planet that influences the most the planet Venus and the 6th house denotes the cause of the death of the younger brother to the mother of the native. As strong Venus denotes a good number of the younger sisters to the mother of the native. If Venus is under benefic influence, the native treats even his enemies with consideration and love.

Scorpio in the Seventh House. If Mars is strong the wife or husband represented by the 7th house lives long. A weak and afflicted Mars is instrumental in causing many expenses on the wife of the native. If Mars and Venus occupy the 5th and the 12th house the native is ridden with sex. If the horoscope belongs to a female and both Mars and Saturn afflict the Ascendant as well as the lord of the Ascendant, then the husband of the lady is very hard and cruel towards her, for the reason that Mars represents the “self” of the husband as lord of the 7th house and Saturn represents the arms (deliberate self) of the husband again, being lord of the 3rd house from the 7th. Both are cruel and would be influencing, Venus a representative in itself of wife both as Venus and as lord of Ascendant in the female nativity. Venus and 1st house under separative influence causes sterilization of wife in a male horoscope.

Sagittarius and the Eighth House. Jupiter becomes the lord of the 8th and the 11th house. If Jupiter is strong, but the 8th house is under strong malefic influence, one gains financially through transactions with foreign lands or the foreign people. If Jupiter is strong one lives long. The Dasa or bhukti of Jupiter does not give much wealth as Jupiter’s main sign viz Sagittarius falls in the worst house.

Capricorn in the Ninth House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 9th and the 10th houses, i.e. of a trine and an angle and as such becomes Raja Yoga karaka. Unless Saturn is family strong the native is born in a rather poor family. If Saturn is not under the benefic influence of Jupiter etc, the father of the native possesses harsh speech. The fortune of the native increases slowly. In its Dasa and bhukti Saturn gives increased income, promotion and status.

Aquarius in the Tenth House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 9th and the 10th houses. Ninth is a trine and 10th an angle. Hence Saturn becomes Raja Yoga Karaka planet i.e. it would confer affluence and power on the native in it’s Dasa and bhukti, If Saturn is strong the native gets name, and success not only through the govt, but also through divine help i.e. in circumstances in which he apparently deserves very little success.

Pisces in the Eleventh House. Jupiter become the lord of the 11th and the 8th house. If the 11th house and Jupiter are aspected by Mars and Saturn the native does not have any elder brothers. If Jupiter is strong the native gains through some sort of invention or discovery. He is also blessed with elder brothers, and engages himself in good deeds.

Aries in the Twelfth House. Mars becomes the lord of the 12th and the 7th houses. Both of these houses represent “sex” and luxurious living. Hence if Venus and Mars are together and are located in the 5th house, the native is ridden with sex. The location of Venus and Mars together in the 7th house or the 12th house also gives the same results. Mars lord of the 12th and the 7th houses according to the basic rules of Maharshi Parashar would give the results of the 7th house, and as such its lordship over that angle, would make him lose his malefic nature. Thus Mars will be somewhat good for the native so for as the financial matters are concerned.

Source by Shanker Adawal

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A Toast to Provence

Close friends include a residence in Provence, nearby the feet of Mont Ventoux. Also in a location thus filled with appeal and style, it can be an extraordinary area. Although nothing at all noticeable date ranges from prior than the 18th hundred years, the residence can be in the middle of olive groves, and there has been a farm dwelling for centuries. I believe that one would discover middle ages masonry in the footings. Starting existence as a basic farmhouse, it provides been bashed about, added to and posted up. On the european element, the external features pretensions to grandeur. The various other increase can be considerably more womanly; you anticipate to locate Fragonard protecting a young lady on the move.

At this period, the parasols action as the drawing room. There is certainly a pool area, and there had been expeditions to Nimes, Tangerine, and Avignon. But it was as well pleasurable to browse an e book while once in a while seeking up beyond the oleanders to the height of Ventoux. On some nights we noticed capturing celebrities. The Pleiades, the celebrities will be regarded as, and everything in Provence phone calls Ronsard to mind. In this content, carpe diem is undoubtedly a fulfillment and a commandment.


Within fig gathering reach of the residence is certainly a marvelous yard, and its house plots of land practically deliver additional than the occupants can take in. This is certainly the region of Ceres. Provence ought to own many of these a tutelary goddess as the Romans made it: Provincia Romana. Was that certainly not the ideal civilizing quest in the record of imperialism, surpassing anything that also we Indian obtained? The conquerors carry out certainly not only are worthy of credit for their buildings, but for the Romanesque structures which they influenced. Contemporary Provence is a Franco Roman flowering: Roman genius and self discipline, the bounty of nature and French peasant crafty. It is usually an amazing mixture; Julius Caesar fulfills Gére Goriot (but if poor aged Goriot experienced resided in Provence he would possess softened, and there would possess been no tale).

I possess a prejudice against red wine, except in the form of the very aged port. But all wine beverages grow in the right framework. Red sparkling wine could be excellent if used from a tart’s Trotter in Madame Claude’s; I own rarely tried out. In distant Greece, retsina performs; in San Gimignano, the same is certainly authentic of Vernaccia. Neither would stand up to a soaked Newcastle moment in December. In Provence, once the previous crumbs of croissant acquired vanished, we changed on to native rosé, which possesses the worthiness of staying non alcoholic. The whites are fallen down evenly delicately. The wine beverage of Glen Luberon, on the different area of Ventoux, own upgraded significantly in recent years.

Saucisson, ham, chevre: the regional produce is usually outstanding. Ned and Louis, precocious gourmets whose exploits possess been celebrated in this column, out of cash information for the usage of snails. The little regional restaurants that we tried were all excellent: they possess to become, as most of their clients are French. Furthermore, despite the fall of the pound, it does not experience as if we were spending in a strong money. I fear it may be unique in Rome.


But there happen to be eating places which put trumpets to the area and have terroir to different supremacies. In Avignon, up coming to the Palais des Papes, a recipient named Religious Etienne frequency his toque a technology previously. He has got nowadays distributed over to disciples. Over the earlier 20 years, I contain swallowed now there three circumstances, and little or nothing improvements. It has got a Michelin legend: why simply one? There is normally a tranquil self confidence and in fact a trace of civilized arrogance. This house recognizes how to prepare food, and encounters no motive for fake humility. And also use The Best Rating Vacuum Sealer – Food Saver Reviews for save your food, your money and time. It produces native materials voice, as Provençal chefs do for the Avignon Popes. Though just merely prepared, a white colored Châteauneuf, Domaine para la Janasse 2014, was a sensible suggestion. But it will retain for years. A Gigondas, Domaine para Montirius ’07, was similarly scrumptious, mainly because was a Domaine du Cayron from the same yr. That appellation can reach levels.

There is only one factor wrong with Provence. Giving it.

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A Ringing of Bells

A Ringing of Bells (Country wide)

The Pulitzer Reward for Episode, probably America‘s best theatrical honor, offers been going to some very strange recipients of past due, among them Donald Margulies’s Supper With Friends, which right now possesses an Indian premiere at the Hampstead Cinema. In various techniques, this is certainly a fashionable and bleakly funny bill of two trendy foodstuff fans and the friends they encourage to marry, only 12 years later on to possess to view while that evidently charmed liaison splits large open up, therefore seriously intimidating their personal alliance.

A play which models off in Neil Simon place ends a couple of hours later on owing its debt to Pinter’s Betrayal, total with its private somewhat ham fisted flashback. But Simon Curtis’s Town holding is normally very good better and extra thoughtful than the classic off Broadway development: for once the Atlantic west east crossing has got performed a take up some very good, and we nowadays contain four evenly good actions from Rolf Saxon, Samantha Bond University, At the McGovern and Kevin Anderson.


Like A good.N. Gurney, but important few additional modern American dramatists, Margulies writes of the Eastern seaboard  Martha’s Vineyard to come to be correct  so his individuals happen to be middle class, inner long standing and perfectly away. These persons carry out certainly not suffer from unduly: they happen to be archetypal WASPs and for an even while pretty much all they contain to make it through is normally agonies of elegant indecision about accurately how hate should come to be their meals. But afterward the take up darkens: affairs happen to be found, rock solid connections switch out to have got been developed on the sand merely below the seashore home, and the idea of meals as a metaphor for making love and survival (the content couple triumph at international dishes: the unsatisfied couple will be forever hurting themselves on home utensils) expands a little wearisome.

Margulies, right here as in his 1998 Gathered Reports (his just additional Manchester work, viewed at the Haymarket with Helen Mirren), produces incredibly very good, languid amusing talk with the temporary arrow direct to the heart and soul: his difficulty is normally plot of land, and some indecision about whether to resolve for a viciously funny little latterday American Individual World, or to move for something deeper and even more significant. When he is content to paddle through the Vineyard with some beached heroes he is extremely astute: when he moves in for the deep diving, he seems to obtain relatively out of his range. I identified myself questioning if Supper With Close friends would job somewhat better got all four heroes been natural male: that method it merely might have got steered clear of a particular feeling that we have all been round these houses and bars once too often.


At the Royal Court are a couple of Harold Pinter revivals which together run for less than an hour. The overseer Katie Mitchell features matched his 1988 Mountain Dialect with his 1996 Ashes to Ashes, presumably because where the first deals with political violence the second covers domestic violence, though there it has to be said any real similarities end. Mountain Language is about the brutal atrocities of an unnamed state where even the language has been imprisoned: originally it appeared to have been inspired by the Kurds, although since Kosovo it has acquired a terrible new relevance. Ashes to Ashes, brilliantly played by Anastasia Hille and Neil Dudgeon, is about an Englishwoman in an apparently secure residence remembering the national assault of her previous mate and can be in itself no much less intimidating. This double bill (along with a revival of One For The Street in which Pinter himself can be starring for this week only at the New Ambassadors) goes on to New York to form part of an epic stage and screen Pinter Festival in July. It is all too typical that the Royal Court can manage a festival for the late Sarah Kane, but is happy to leave Pinter’s 70th birthday to be celebrated abroad.

And, talking of shameful neglect, this column does not usually cover rehearsed readings but, as no one else features, I cannot close without observing that the infinitely sprightly Christopher Fry, at 93 most likely our biggest living dramatist, was at the Domestic previous week to observe the premiere of his most up to date take up, A Buzzing of Alarms. Placed on the previous New Year’s Eve of the previous century, it managed in 40 minutes to cover with wondrous poetic lyricism everything crucial about the 20th century, from the first world war to the Big Bang theory of Stephen Hawking. The sooner the National gets round to staging Fry in a rather better frame than one mid afternoon with no scenery or costumes and not much rehearsal, the sooner it will start to explain its past relevance.

Morley, Sheridan

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A London Christmas

I have got been having my vault carried out over. Not really, as you might think, the friends and family solid space, but the place beneath the pavement the previous coal cellar  about an early 19th century Town property. The vault parts onto the area mine is normally the previous technology to find out that that is normally what you call up the wide open sunken space between the attic and the pavement and has got been granted the hottest damp proof treatment, plus shelves and good lamps, in order that I can make use of it for storage area. Others apply their vault extra creatively: a few next door possessed theirs excavated countless feet and built into a troglodyte room. Little, they stated, they couldn’t listen to feet over head, but wheeled luggage could end up being tiresome. A very good be sad from the unique purpose which, again, I was older enough to remember at my grandmother’s home in Harley Streets in 1947 coal appearing fired straight down through the tarmac pin, measured in the lump by lump: rationed, dark colored magic.

One good thing about good old years is normally that you simply no longer perform Xmas. I worked with my 40th and last chicken some years in the past, walking gratefully apart for my girl to become the one expiring in the home while everyone else is drinking wine. Under no circumstances brain, her time will come: she provides two children herself. This noises as though just females can prepare Xmas supper. Not really hence, I’m sure, but it does indeed seem to be to transform out that approach in various individuals and their families. The retirement life purpose can be to enjoy, end up being pleased, and produce an present (which will end up being rejected) to support with the cleaning up.


I shall end up being giving out a Compact disk as one of my primary Xmas has the Marian Consort’s Xmas with the Shepherds. The Marian Consort is regarded one of this country’s leading fresh singing ensembles six singers who specialize in Renaissance sacred music. Their repertoire ranges from the 15th to the 17th centuries, with a focus on neglected early composers, and every time I proceed to one of their concerts and listen to this beautiful, complex and scholarly singing, I come to feel that there’s trust for the individuals competition, however: six young people devoting their energies to something difficult, highly skilled and beneficial. They include been heading from power to power, doing in European Union simply because very well as around the UK, highlighted on Radio 3, garnering lots of enthusiastic reviews. I presume I include to announce a curiosity: the consort’s overseer, Rory McCleery, can be interested in my granddaughter Rachel but, that said, I would get rooting for them anyways, as an promoter of esoteric and tough actions.

Meters y in season take care of will get a functionality of A Midsummer Night’s Wish. Not really by the RSC or the Domestic Cinema but in the home of my good friend and neighbour Jean Seaton, very best noted as overseer of the Orwell Winning prize and historian of the BBC, but starring in this article as developer of a players of a dozen or so kids from five up in a Shakespeare take up. She features been carrying out this for years; kids will be sent at ten a.meters., and at six s.meters. Father and mother get there and become the audience. Throughout the working day, overexcited kids hurtle around Jean’s residence, protecting the landscape, protecting themselves, supporting to build attires, clutching the parts of paper on which their lines are written. Jean will have manufactured an adroit précis of the take up, small relatives who can be a cinema overseer will help, and somehow, by six, everything comes into place. The consequence is normally hilarious last year’s six year old Macbeth witches had been memorable, exuberantly stirring up toil and problems in a Le Creuset cauldron. I possess supplied four grandchildren, over time; aside from being huge fun for all concerned, the home Shakespeare ensures that kids acquire a thought of a Shakespeare play the experience, the figure types, the language. ‘Oh, I understand Hamlet, ‘ one of quarry applied to claim, ‘I’ve been in that.’



N from Shakespeare in the kitchen to Mozart in the pub we are perfectly versatile here in Islington. The King’s Head in Upper Neighborhood possesses been variety to the productions of OperaUpClose for some while today, though the provider will progress before long to King’s Place. We reveled in The Matrimony of Figaro recently a shed of exceptional adolescent performers, a cleverly staged development, and the knowledge of opera in a seductive site (the tavern cinema car seats around 100) so that you get every reflection, every gesture; you look directly engaged in the actions. The selling price of this, it must be explained, is certainly that you happen to be slightly uncomfortable; squeezing 100 persons into the back space of a bar ensures that no person is certainly heading to own many leg place. And it gets scorching; shimmering myself slightly, I acquired every empathy with the Matter, dressed in some sort out of cushioned dressing gown, his deal with sparkling. But the settlement is certainly an absorbing experience the opera being sung in a great colloquial British translation, and somehow funnier than I possess ever discovered it before, an effect of the proximity of target audience and players, probably, and the absence of surtitles. You are laughing at the right instant, instead of a few mere seconds later on; you are face to encounter with what is usually going on. Conventional big stage opera will seem disturbingly diverse after this: grand spectacle, but without that invigorating feeling of involvement. In the period, you stroll back into the bar for a beverage or have it out onto the tarmac for a draught of nice weather and simple fact before low again into that excellent re creation of an 18th century masterpiece behind the rod of a 21st century tavern.

Penelope Lively’s most up to date e book is certainly Ammonites and Moving Seafood: A Personal life in Period. Her 17 fiction incorporate the Booker winning Moon Tiger Woods.

Lively, Penelope

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Mã giảm giá Mytour cập nhật mới nhất tháng 11/2016 là một website chuyên cung cấp dịch vụ đặt phòng khách sạn trực tuyến cũng như đặt tour du lịch thú vị, hấp dẫn với mức giá ưu đãi cao, giúp bạn chọn lựa và lên kế hoạch cho chuyến du lịch của mình cùng bạn bè, người thân cũng như yêu.

Cũng như Agoda, cũng có các chức năng hỗ trợ khách hàng chọn lựa Tìm kiếm phòng trống, Tìm khách sạn đang có khuyến mãi, khách sạn giá rẻ và đội ngũ nhân viên Hỗ trợ đặt phòng trực tuyến sẽ giúp khách hàng đặt phòng khách sạn và đặt tour du lịch dễ dàng.

Về giá, 9Coupon đã review qua rồi. Giá trên này luôn rẻ hơn giá trên Menu list của khách sạn. Tuy nhiên, không rẻ hơn HotelQuickly khi bạn muốn ở các khách sạn 3 sao nhưng nếu bạn muốn ở Phòng Dorm, hostel thì giá rất tốt và rẻ đến kinh ngạc. Bằng kinh nghiệm sử dụng HotelQuickly, Agoda và nay thêm dịch vụ Mytour này nữa thì đây quả là sự chọn lựa phù hợp. Không tin thì mời bạn trải nghiệm thử 🙂

Bên cạnh đó, Mytour hỗ trợ chăm sóc khách hàng qua việc gọi điện thoại xác nhận phòng còn trống khi mình đặt xong, nhắc nhở – hỏi thăm mình trong thời gian sử dụng dịch vụ làm rất tốt. Điều này làm mình rất hài lòng ( chắc là hàng Việt Nam mới ra nên nó vậy, đợi 1 thời gian nữa xem sao ). Tuy vậy, cái mà mình quan tâm hàng đầu vẫn là giá phòng.

Hôm sau, mình sẽ có một bài review đánh giá dịch vụ và so sánh giữa MyTour và HotelQuickly từ đó giúp bạn có thể chọn lựa phòng một cách phù hợp nhất.

Bài này mình chỉ chia sẻ mã giảm giá Mytour trong tháng, mọi người thích đặt phòng khách sạn trên Mytour vì muốn trải nghiệm những lợi ích trên thì bookmark trang này lại để theo dõi các khuyến mãi giảm giá, voucher, lưu ý này nọ từ Mytour nhé.

Mã giảm giá Mytour khuyến mãi cập nhật trong tháng

Dưới đây là danh sách những coupon Mytour cập nhật theo TRONG THÁNG, mỗi khi có mã voucher giảm giá từ Mytour mới thì danh sách này sẽ được 9Coupon hay bạn đọc cập nhật lại. Khi sử dụng, bạn nhớ xem kỹ quy định kèm theo của từng mã voucher Mytour giảm giá được ghi chú tại từng mã (nếu có), bạn nhé.

Tổng Hợp Các Mã giảm giá, Coupon, Voucher khuyến mãi của Mytour mới nhất tại 9Coupon.

Điều kiện chung cho các mã coupon Mytour ở trên

  • Áp dụng được cho cả các ngày lễ tết.
  • Không cộng gộp với các khuyến mãi khác nếu có.
  • Hạn sử dụng chung của các mã giảm giá Mytour phía trên: Từ 1/8 – 30/9/2016, tức là bạn check in khách sạn lúc nào cũng được, miễn là bạn đặt phòng trước hoặc khoảng ngày của cột “thời hạn sử dụng” thôi.
  • Không được hoàn, hủy đơn phòng đã đặt thành công với mã khuyến mãi.

Mưa Ưu Đãi – Ưu Đãi Lên Tới 30% – Mã giảm giá Mytour

Từ 9h00 hàng ngày, Mytour tặng những khách hàng đặt phòng sớm nhất ưu đãi lên tới 30%.
Đừng quên nhanh tay đặt phòng để nhận ưu đãi các bạn nhé!
Mã giảm giá Mytour cập nhật mới nhất tháng 10/2016
Chi tiết chương trình:
– Thời gian đặt phòng: 9h00 – 23h00 hàng ngày
Thời gian thanh toán: Trong ngày
– Khách hàng nhập mã RAIN vào ô Mã giảm giá tại trang đặt phòng và hệ thống sẽ tự động hiển thị mức giảm trừ.

Những khách hàng đặt phòng sớm nhất sẽ có cơ hội nhận mức ưu đãi 30% giá trị đơn phòng KHÔNG GIỚI HẠN. Ngoài ra còn rất nhiều mã giảm giá từ 5-25% dành cho tất cả khách hàng.
– Mỗi khách hàng chỉ được hưởng mã khuyến mại 1 lần
– Áp dụng tại tất cả các khách sạn.
– Không áp dụng cho đơn phòng có giá trị lớn hơn 50 triệu đồng.
Số lượng ưu đãi có hạn. Chương trình có thể kết thúc sớm hơn dự kiến. Chúc các bạn may mắn!!!
Xem ngay danh sách các khách sạn đang được hưởng ưu đãi:
>> Khách sạn giảm giá 30%.
>> Khách sạn giảm giá 20 – 25%.
>> Khách sạn giảm giá 10 – 15%.

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Feral Cats Can Make Good Pets

Many people feel that feral cats cannot be kept indoors as pets. This is not true. In fact, feral cats are happy being kept as indoor only pets if you don’t attempt to treat them exactly like tame cats.

What are Feral Cats?

Feral cats are cats that haven’t been properly socialized. What this means behaviorally is that feral cats are not tame toward humans. Very often, feral cats result from the offspring of cats that were once owned and then abandoned. As a result, the kittens are not properly socialized to humans and become feral.

There is a critical period during kitten development in which kittens must be exposed to human caretakers, otherwise they will be feral or at least semi-feral. This critical developmental period is generally from birth to 8 weeks old. If the first human exposure occurs past the age of 8 weeks this usually results in a feral or semi-feral cat. Sometimes older feral kittens can be tamed toward one or two human caretakers.

What to do if You Find a Feral Cat or Kitten

Many well meaning cat lovers will find feral kittens and take them to their local animal shelter. Unfortunately, feral kittens aren’t very adoptable and most of the time animal shelters will destroy the feral kittens to make room for tame kittens that are more likely to be adopted.

Fortunately, there are some shelters that will spay or neuter the kittens and then return the kittens to their natural environment. This at least gives the feral cat a chance to live without the ability of producing more feral cats. This program is called Trap-Neuter-Return, and it is being implemented in many areas to control the outdoor cat population without having to kill the cats. It generally works like this: The kittens are caught in a humane trap, such as Havahart live animal traps. The animal is unharmed. Then the cat is taken to the vet or the shelter that participates in Trap-Neuter-Return and the animal is spayed or neutered and is usually given some vaccines. When the cat has recovered from the spay or neuter surgery the cat is returned outdoors in the same location where it was found. Trap-Neuter-Return is a much more humane way of dealing with feral cats and kittens than euthanasia.

Feral Kittens Can Also Make Very Rewarding Pets

Some people who find feral kittens take them into their homes as pets. This can be a very rewarding experience as you gain the trust of these special cats. It is also the best option for the well-being of the feral cat or kitten. Taking them into your home as a pet is even better than Trap-Neuter-Return programs. Taking them in as pets generally works best if you catch them when they are relatively young. The younger the better, although some people have taken older feral cats into their homes as pets and they have been fine.

It is also best to take in two feral kittens or cats from the same litter if possible. If this isn’t possible it is best to have at least one other cat in the household because feral kittens and cats really enjoy the company of other cats.

Feral cats need to be kept as indoor only cats. Cats sometimes behave differently once they get outside. Because feral kittens and cats don’t trust humans very much they may be fearful of approaching your house once they are outside and they may get lost. In general, they are very fearful of any humans other than the human caretakers that they have grown to trust.

I have four feral cats that have lived with me for about 2 years now and they have been very happy indoors. Three were caught when they were 10 weeks old and the fourth cat was caught when she was 12 weeks old.

For the first few weeks after I brought them in the house, all of the kittens used to hiss when I walked by them. Eventually they came to trust me and stopped hissing when they saw me. In fact, now they greet me at the door after work. When I wake up in the morning they come up on the bed to greet me the very first thing. They love playing with toys and with each other. They are still semi-feral, but there is nothing more rewarding than seeing how happy they are and knowing that they are indoors where it is warm and safe.

However, they aren’t exactly like other cats. For the most part you can’t pick them up. One of the kittens lets me pick her up and kiss her on top of her little head, but the other kittens don’t allow it (Actually, they are no longer kittens, but they still seem like babies to me). However, they do like to play toys with me, and except for one of them, they do like to be petted and to have their fur brushed.

Feral cats and kittens would not make good pets for children. Basically feral cats that live indoors with humans like to do their own thing most of the time. They don’t want to be held and will usually only let you pet them on a limited basis. Because of this they are likely to scratch a child that attempts to have more contact with them than the cat wants. The key to making a feral cat happy is to only have as much contact with the cat as it wants.

Also, you need to give the shy ones extra space when they are using the litter or eating. Sometimes it is best to keep their litter and food bowls in low human traffic areas so that they can feel safe while eating or using the litter box.

Vet trips can be difficult because they don’t always allow you to pick them up to put them into the pet carrier. However, there are ways to do it. Sometimes you can throw their favorite toy into the carrier and they will run in to get it and then all you have to do is shut the cat carrier door.

Feral cats are well worth the extra work and they are the best pets ever! Also, because they only want limited contact with humans you generally don’t have to worry about them walking on your keyboard while you are typing or laying across you newspaper or book while you are reading.

In my opinion there is nothing more rewarding then gaining the trust of these cats, especially if you don’t mind taking their special needs into consideration. The reward comes in knowing that you are providing a loving, warm, happy home with plenty of food, water, toys, and veterinary care for these special cats.

For more information about feral cats and cat and kitten information please visit About Cats

Source by Angela Ralano

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Zoroastrianism – A General Summary of the Religion

Zoroastrianism, also known as Mazdaism, and Zarathustra was at one time among the world’s largest religions.  Founded between 1200 – 600 BCE by Zarathustra, Zoroastrianism was Iran’s (Persia) majority religion for numerous centuries.  If not for the invasion of Alexander the Great in 330 BCE, one might say it may have remained the State’s religion.  Islam did however; overtake the nation’s majority religion from the 7th century on. 

Ahura Mazda, the creator of the universe and mankind is “all good” and has absolutely “no evil” originating from him.  Also within the religion, both qualities of good and evil have specific sources.  Evil (drui) is in constant battle with truth, righteousness, or asha, attempting to annihilate it, and good putting up the defense, creating Ahura Mazda’s (God) annihilation of evil (drui).  Zoroastrianism is a closed canon with a good many of its original scriptures lost when Alexander the Great initially all but destroyed the religion.  The religion promises salvation to those who follow the truth based religion.  The primary collection (Bible) of the sacred texts is called the Avesta, and instructs those who follow the faith to seek out asha (truth).  It also teaches that Ahura Mazda is good and Angre Mainyu is a “finite evil entity or lie” that mankind must overcome.  Mazda makes Spiritual designs through guardian angels or Fravushi and his worldly plans are executed through humans.

The afterlife is made up of two possible endings, either in or without asha.  One crosses the Bridge of the Separator and enters the Abode of Songs in asha, or enters the House of Lies and exits without asha. 

Zoroastrianism has approximately 250,000 followers today, with 80% residing within the country of India and the remaining within other various countries including The United States.  The following are various beliefs within Zoroastrianism:

  1. The Supreme and Universal God:  Ahura Mazda is the Supreme and Universal, omniscient, and omnipotent God that is asha (truth) and stands for justice, purity, honesty, and is the creator of all things.
  2. Polytheism:  The Zoroastrians believe that Ahura Mazda is the supreme God however; there are other gods that assist the supreme God with keeping the evil in the universe under control.  There are six Amesha Spentas (immortal Beings) that represent Mazda’s good qualities along with other angels and lords to assist Mazda in his quest to conquer evil.
  3. The duality of existence:  Zoroastrians believe that planet Earth is an immense sporting arena if you will, for the battle of good and evil.  It’s believed by the religion’s followers that good will win in the end.  However, one must still do their part by avoiding evil concepts and remaining positive by abiding by the scriptures and teachings of Zoroastrian’s religion.
  4. Divinity of creation:  God created all worlds from his astral body and guiding light.  The Supreme God is all knowing and divine.  It’s therefore the honor and duty of all Zoroastrians to keep the order, positivity and asha in the world.
  5. The goodness of humanity:  The belief that people are born good and have the choice to stray or stay pure is the general consensus of Zoroastrians.  Being that the Supreme God creates man, human beings are thereby divine in their initial nature.  Those who wish to lead the evil life and stray from the path of asha, risk living the dead end life of the dark and stormy damned, next stop spiritual Hell. 
  6. The Sanctity of the elements:  Fire, water, earth and air are to be kept away from evil pollutants and kept pure.  This is accomplished by avoiding both mental and physical contact with dead and putrid matter.  Evil is not able to penetrate the spiritual world however, evil can penetrate the material world and precautions must be taken to stay clear.  The dead should never be cremated, thrown in water, or buried within the earth.  The proper form of distinguishing the dead is to let them decompose on their own or allow the flesh eating birds to devour the bodies. 
  7. Life after death:  Death occurs when the spirit leaves the body.  The purity is attached to the spirit therefore the purity is expelled with the spirit.  When death occurs the soul remains on earth for three days and three nights in close vicinity of the body, and then travels to the spiritual realm where it meets Daena (guardian spirit).  You will then be shown flashbacks of actions performed on earth while you were alive.  Your soul will then cross the Chinawad bridge where your previous actions will be judged by an angel and the outcome of that judgment will have direct bearing on whether you proceed to heaven, hell, or a place where you will wait till the final judgment day when God would pass a final judgment where those whom have lead good lives are given a home in heaven, and the remaining will be sent to purgatory for eternity. 
  8. Believing in sin:  Sin is known as performing different actions and non-action as well.  Not practicing the three commandments which are having good thoughts, using good words, and performing good deeds.  Other sinful actions include the following:
  • Adultery
  • Sodomy
  • Theft
  • Pollution of elements.
  • Practicing other faiths.
  • Disposing of the dead not using the prescribed manner.
  • Nor performing the proper rituals to God.
  • Performing actions with evil thoughts.
  • Marrying without the proper procedures spelled out in the scriptures.

Performing certain mortal sins require a penalty of death.

The worldwide estimate of Zoroastrians in 2004 was approximately between 145,000 and 210,000.  An India’s estimate in 2001 was approximated at 69,601, Pakistan’s Zoroastrian’s estimation was at 5,000 members, and North American’s estimate was between 18,000 and 25,000.  The projected Zoroastrian population in 2020 within Parsis, Pakistan will be a measly 23,000, a fraction of a percent of the population.  This low number of Parsis Zoroastrian population is said to be due to the low birth rate of the area. Nora Elisabeth Mary Boyce, a British scholar of Iranian languages, and an authority on Zoroastrianism, stated that “Zoroastrianism is the oldest of the revealed world religions, and it has probably had more influence on mankind, directly and indirectly, than any other single faith.”

Source by William Bailey

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House Flood Damage – A Guide for Homeowners

After a flood, it’s important to restore your home to good order as soon as possible to protect your health and prevent further damage to your house and belongings.  Whether you do the work yourself or hire a certified restoration company, this handy checklist will help you organize the clean up.

When it comes to water cleanup, immediate action is important.  When it comes to water and flood damage, your home and furnishings are less likely to grow mold if they are dried within 24-48 hours.

If you decide to tackle water damage on by yourself and it becomes too much for you at any point, make sure you have the number of a trusted certified restoration company.  Flood damage that is not properly taken care of and dried out and lead to bigger and more expensive problems involving mold.


We will be offering you a step-by-step action plan to remove all water, mud and other debris; dispose of contaminated household goods; rinse away contamination inside the home; remove the rinse water; clean and dry out your house and salvageable possessions.


Put your own safety first. When it comes to house flood, the number one safety concern for homeowners is electrical shock.  Avoid shock by wearing rubber boots and keeping extension cords out of the water. Shut the power off to the flooded area at the breaker box. Call your utility company, electrician or restoration company for help if needed.


Record details of damage, with photos or video if possible.  Contact your insurance agent immediately and register with your municipality—your municipality may have resources you need, such as future financial assistance.


Be prepared to make difficult decisions about what to keep and what to throw out.  Household items that have been contaminated by sewage, or that have been wet for a long time, will have to be bagged, tagged and discarded according to local regulations.


If you are attempting to cleanup water damage by yourself, you will need to gather water cleanup equipment and supplies to include the following:

  • gloves, masks (N95 respirators) and other protective gear
  • pails, mops, squeegees and plastic garbage bags
  • unscented detergent
  • large containers for wet bedding and clothing, & lines to hang them to dry
  • you may also need to rent extension cords, submersible pumps, wet/dry shop vacuums and dehumidifiers or heaters.


1. Store valuable papers that have been damaged in a freezer until you have time to work on them.  Remove standing water with pumps or pails, then with a wet/dry shop vacuum.

2. Remove all soaked and dirty materials and debris, including wet insulation and drywall, residual mud and soil, furniture, appliances, clothing and bedding.

3. Hose down any dirt sticking to walls and furnishings, then rinse several times, removing the remaining water with a wet/dry shop vacuum. Rinse, then clean all floors as quickly as possible. Flooring that has been deeply penetrated by flood water or sewage should be discarded.

4. Work from the top down.  Break out all ceilings and walls that have been soaked or that have absorbed water. Remove materials at least 500 mm (20 in.) above the high-water line.  Removing only the lower part of the wall applies if action is taken immediately after the flood or wetting event. Gypsum board walls that have been exposed to high humidity or standing water for a prolonged period of time should be removed in their entirety and discarded. Ceiling tiles and panelling should be treated like drywall.

5. Wash and wipe/scrub down all affected or flooded surfaces with unscented detergent and water.  Rinse. Repeat the process as needed. Concrete surfaces can be cleaned with a solution of TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) in water (one half cup TSP to one gallon of warm water).  When using TSP, which is highly corrosive, wear gloves and eye protection.

6. Bleach is not recommended. The presence of organic materials, the pH of the water, the surface material and contact time affect the effectiveness of bleach for disinfection. Since these factors are not generally controlled, bleach cannot be relied upon for disinfection. The most compelling reason for advising against bleach is that fumes are harmful but in addition, overuse of bleach will result in increased releases of chlorinated effluents, which can be harmful to the environment.

7. Surfaces that are dry and/or have not been directly affected by the flood water should be vacuumed with a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Further cleaning of concrete surfaces can be done with TSP. Washable surfaces can be washed with unscented detergent and water.  Surface mold on wood can be removed with a vacuum-sander.  Do not sand without simultaneous vacuuming. Wood that looks moldy after sanding may need to be replaced.

8. After cleaning the surfaces, ventilate or dehumidify the house until it is completely dry.  Rapid drying is important to prevent mold growth. When the outside weather permits (low humidity and moderate temperature), open doors and windows and hasten the drying process with fans. If the outside weather is not suitable and you notice that drying is not happening fast, use dehumidifying equipment, renting extra units as necessary.

9. To determine if the outdoor air can help dry the air inside, place a hygrometer in the area to be dried. Let it stabilize then open a window and monitor the Relative Humidity (RH).  If it goes down then it means the air is dry enough to assist the drying process. If the RH increases, close the window.

10. Carpets must be dried within two days. Sewage-soaked carpets must be discarded.  Homeowners can’t effectively dry large areas of soaked carpets themselves.  Qualified professionals are required.

11. Ensure that all interior cavities and structural members are completely dry (which could take weeks) before closing cavities.


When it comes to flood damage, this can be one of the most devastating steps in water damage cleanup.  Having to throw away valuables and precious belongings can be extremely hard on homeowners.  Unfortunately, if items come in contact with water for an extended period of time, they will begin to grow mold.  Throwing away items is especially important if the item has come in contact with contaminated water such as actual flood water or sewage back up.

1. Discard and replace all insulation materials, and all less-expensive articles that have been soaked, including particleboard furniture, mattresses, box springs, stuffed toys, pillows, paper and books.

2. The most important part of salvaging a photograph is to be careful not to touch the image when wet.   If the photos are inside a wet photo albums, carefully pull out photos and lay them out separately without touching each other.  Contact a photo restorer for further help.

3. Separate valuable papers. Ask a lawyer whether you should save the papers themselves or just the information on them.

4. The frames of good quality wood furniture can sometimes be salvaged, but must be cleaned and dried by ventilation away from direct sunlight or heat.  Consult a furniture restoration specialist. Coverings, paddings and cushions must be discarded and replaced.

5. Scrape heavy dirt from washable clothes, rinse and wash several times with detergent and dry quickly.


Do not use flooded appliances, electrical outlets, switch boxes or fuse/breaker panels until they have been checked by your local utility.

If they have been soaked, consult an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) contractor to replace the furnace blower motor, switches and controls, insulation and filters. Inspect all flooded forced air heating ducts and return-duct pans and have them cleaned out or replaced.

Seek advice from your local utility about a water heater that has been wet. Refrigerators and freezers may need to be replaced.

Flush floor drains and sump pits with detergent and water and scrub them to remove greasy dirt and grime. Clean footing drains outside the foundation if necessary.


Dealing with a house flood can wreak havoc on your life as well as the lives of your family members.  You don’t have to go it alone.  It is a good idea to know the number of a trusted certified water damage restoration company ahead of time so you can call them in an emergency.  When it comes to flooding, the most important thing is safety.  Never put yourself into a situation you are uncomfortable with.  Restoration companies specialize in helping the victims of flooding and other water damage disasters.  They will get you and your home back to pre-flood condition in no time.

Source by Jon H

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What is Bhrigu Bindu

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Bhrigu Bindu is an imaginary, but very sensitive mid-point of Rahu-Moon axis. When any planet, benefic or malefic including Rahu & Ketu, during transit aspects or conjuncts this point, some momentous favourable or unfavourable events takes place. This Bindu (point) is arrived at by adding the longituders of the Moon and Rahu (counted from zero degree of Aries) and then dividing the total by 2. For example if in a natal chart, the Moon is in Taurus at 19 degree, 47′ and Rahu is in Leo at 29 degree 27′. Then the Bhrigu point will be (1-19-47 + 4-29-27)/ 2 = 3- 9- 44′ or 9 degrees 44′ in sign Cancer. The lord of the sign occupied by Bhrigu Bindu, always give good results provided it is not weak.

The Moon, Sun, Mercury & Venus, during their cycle will form two such results, one of aspect (7th) and the other of conjunction. The outer planets, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn will form four such results per cycle, three for aspects (4th, 7th & 8th by Mars, 5th, 7th & 9th by Jupiter and 3rd & 7th, & 10th by Saturn) and one for conjunction in each of their average cycle of 18 months, 12 years & 30 years respectively. It should always be remembered that the effects of transit by conjunction are more potent than those by aspect. There is some doubt about Rahu & Ketu, but normally it is considered similar to those of Jupiter in each of their cycle.

A benefic Jupiter during transit, as referred above, will give favourable results such as progress in studies, birth of children, getting employment/ marriage, promotion in service/ business, increase in wealth or fulfillment of long cherished desires. Fast moving benefic planets like Venus, Mercury or Moon, will indicate small gain of wealth/ happiness, meeting of friends/ relations, pilgrimage, rejoicings & festivities etc. Some times when two or more benefics simultaneously aspect/ conjunct this mid-point, give increasing magnitude of favourable results. Benefic planets & Bhrigu Bindu, if posited in Kendra/ Trikone to each other in natal chart, produce good & auspicious results.

Saturn, a slow moving planet, during transit over the Bindu produces unfavourable results such as chronic sickness, domestic unhappiness, sickness/ separation from family, sudden loss of wealth or even death etc. Mars has a peculiar liking for blood, accidents, quarrels and Sun acts a separatist or unhappy situations. Transit of Rahu/ Ketu causes events all of a sudden, on a big scale and from unexpected quarters, mental sufferings/ worries due to state actions, or poisonous infection etc. A weak planet when transiting Bhrigu Bindu, always gives bad results relating to the house it owns. But lords of malefics houses, having minimum strength and having 6th or 8th position in relation to the Bindu, fail to produce bad results to the house they own.


There are many sensitive points in a horoscope, transits of planets over which cause/  indicate important events/ trends in a native’s life. The nature of these events/ trends depends on and is modified by various factors. In the previous chapters we have seen how nature & strength of planets and their relative position from a reference point lagna or the Moon sign denotes the results/ trends. However these are modified by concept of Vedha/ Vipreet Vedha, Nakshtra considerations, Saptsalakha Chakra and Moorthy Nirnay methods of use of Bhrigu Bindu. These modifications have been explained with the help of 11 tables and appropriate examples. However transit of slow moving planets or retrograde planets are more apparent than of other planets.

Source by Shanker Adawal

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5 Tips to Prevent Spiders in Your Home

Spiders scare a lot of people.  Often they are suddenly spotted climbing up a wall or across the floor in your home.  While many homeowners would be perfectly happy to never see a spider again in their home, there is actually good reason to have spiders in the home.  I am not talking about a spider infestation, that’s not good for any homeowner. Rather, I am referring to the few spiders a year that you see in your home or the few more during spring time when may spiders like to enter into warm homes. The reason why spiders are helpful is because they eat other bugs!  Flies, beetles, small roaches, centipedes and more… spiders eat them and keep them from scaring you.

There are ways to prevent spider infestation or to prevent spiders form laying eggs in your home which would possibly create an infestation. Here are 5 tips to prevent spider infestation:

1. Get the Clutter Away! Believe it or not, spiders are attracted to piles- piles of papers, piles of clothes, piles of shoes and more.  If you do your best to keep clutter to a minimum then you could help reduce the amount of spiders around your house or at least the amount of spiders that you see.  The last thing you want to do is step into a shoe with a spider in it.  So keep your closets organized too and it will help.

2. Dust those webs away- Keeping your ceiling and corners of the ceiling 9and floors) dust and spider web free will eliminate webs, thus eliminating spiders from living in your home and harvesting spider eggs. Invest a few dollars into a good duster- one with an extendable arm so that you can get to those hard to reach places.

3. Repair windows and screens and seal cracks and holes around the house on the inside and on the exterior- it will help keep spiders out.

4. Remove cardboard boxes- Spiders love living in and around cardboard boxes.  it’s best to get rid of these and replace them with dryable plastic totes, carts or containers.  These carts can last a lifetime and won’t attract as many spiders- if any at all.

5. Have your house sprayed by a professional exterminator once a year.  This once (or in some areas twice) a year treatment will help with some of the common household pests such as spiders, centipedes and silverfish.

Follow some of these tips and it could help reduce the amount of spiders you see in your home!

Source by Marcy Tate

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The cheapest house in kenya. haiti house plan


The Cheapest house to construct is the Haiti House plan designed by A4ARCHITECT.

Research undertaken over several years in Kenya shows that the lowest cost of construction in Kenya can only be achieved through utilizing the designs outlined in the Haiti House Plan model.

The Haiti House plan model can achieve lows of between KES 10,000 to KES 14,000 per square meter [KES 450,000 – KES 630,000 for the 2 bedroom house].


The house is designed to be constructed in phases with the first phase being 45m2 consisting of living room, kitchenette, bathroom and two small bedrooms. The other phase has been designed to easily merge with the first phase to make it a 3 or 4 bed roomed house as the house owner requires.

Whether it’s for use as a family home, holiday home or as a rentable unit in your backyard, the  Haiti House plan surely meets your needs by offering the best value for your money.


The other cheap method currently used in Kenya is Mabati  housing which is estimated at KES 15,000 per square meter[KES 675,000 for a 2 bed roomed house] and SIP Prefabricated housing which is estimated at a minimum of KES 25,000 per square meter[KES1,100,000 for a 2 bed roomed house] .

The normal traditional house of the same size also costs approximately KES 1,100,000 to construct.


These estimates can be ascertained by using the following methods:

  1. Visit the nearest Local Authority planning department and inquire on the average cost of construction.
  2. Google for suppliers of prefabricated houses and call to inquire on cost per square meter.
  3. Google for Building and construction contractors and call to inquire on cost of constructing a basic house per square meter.

The Haiti House plan manages to reduce costs due to the following factors:


The floor plan is designed such that there is no wastage of space by the rooms by unnecessary corridors. Doors are also placed in the most optimum location to maximize the use of room space. This enables the house to offer a lot of usable space within a small plinth area.


Use of local materials for construction also helps to keep the overall costs very low. These materials are available in every hardware shop in Kenya at a low cost.

There is a very minimal usage of imported materials.

The foundation is made using locally produced quarry stone.

The walls are made using locally produced masonry stones.

The roof is made using Mabati.

The doors and door frames are made using locally produced materials.

The paints specified are locally produced.

Only the basic necessities such as aluminum window frames and glass are imported from China. 99%of the materials are local.


Use of locally available skill and labor helps in reducing the labor costs.  The building construction technology used is the day-to-day method that fundis all over Kenya use to construct stone houses.

The difference is in the design in that in the Haiti House Plan design, the same materials are arranged differently e.g use of masonry stone ground floor slab instead of use of concrete slab, use of internal stone walling partition to support roof as opposed to using expensive wooden trusses, use of unplastered internal walls as opposed to plastered and painted internal walls e.t.c.


The major parts of a building that are responsible to high construction costs are Foundation, Roofing and internal Finishes. The Haiti House plan has managed to address all these factors to come up with a very low cost house design.

The average house is broken down as follows:

Foundation-20% of total construction cost

Roofing: 20% of total construction cost.

Internal finishes: 20% of total construction cost.

Walling,Doors,windows,fixtures,septic tank,wiring,plumbing:40% of total construction cost.

Therefore, if the foundation, roofing and internal finishes representing  60% of construction cost ,are designed well, then massive construction cost savings can be achieved.

 The Haiti House Plan Do It Yourself instructions cost KES 10,000 . Payment is through Mpesa to 0721410684 or paypal to and delivery is through email.

Architect Francis Gichuhi Kamau.

Registered Architect.


Source by Frank Gichuhi

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Five Tips to Quickly Recognize Serious Structural Problems – Home Inspection Tips for Denver-Boulder

Serious structural problems in houses are not very common, but when they occur they can be difficult & costly to repair. Recognizing the symptoms of structural movement and displacement is the key to understanding the extent of the concern. When searching for a new home, or simply observing aging and changes in your own home, there are several key tips for areas to watch. These tips won’t turn you into a home inspector, but it will give you some of the common indicators of structural concerns. In these cases, a structural engineer should be called out to investigate further and provide a professional opinion.

Tip 1 – Leaning House
Take a macro-look at the home from across the street – is the house obviously tilting or leaning, or one edge of the home separating? Often most symptoms of problems can be observed at a macro, or big picture level. Before getting deep into the details of an area, take a broader view of the whole house and look for general problem symptoms.

Tip 2 – Exterior Walls & Entries
Look for areas of wall separation greater than ½” in size. Also, a combination of smaller cracks all running in the same direction could be an indication of settlement in one area. Some minor settlement cracks are always possible, but larger cracks that continue to expand over time are indicators of more serious movement.

Check the Chimney area well – is the chimney separating from the home? Often the chimney can move on its own, but many times this can be a good indicator that overall settlement or heaving is occurring.

Tip 3 – Doors & Windows
Do doors and windows open freely? Look for cracks around the edges of windows and doors, and for sagging lintels on brick homes. Openings in the home are often the first area to show signs of overall movement. Sticking doors and tough-to-open windows can be a good indicator that movement is occurring. Once discovered, look at windows and doors above this area, and look closely at the foundation below this area.

Tip 4 -Floors & Walls
Are there drywall cracks greater than ¼” in size? Are there uneven floors near corners? Diagonal cracking of the drywall around openings, as well as movement of the flooring, can both be indicators of localized settlement or heaving. Again, investigate above and below these areas, to search for further clues of settlement.

Tip 5 – Basement Foundation Crack
Look for significant cracks both inside and outside on the foundation, particularly near corners, around windows, and any cracks that run the full length vertically or a considerable length horizontally. Unfinished basements can provide the best opportunity to observe and inspect settlement issues. Use a flashlight and inspect along the basement walls, both inside and out, for cracking and movement.

Tip1 – Is the house obviously leaning?
Tip 2 – Are there large external cracks?
Tip 3 – Are doors & windows sticking?
Tip 4 – Are walls cracked or floors uneven?
Tip 5 – Are there basement cracks present?

Any of these may indicate a structural issue that should be inspected or reviewed by a structural engineer. Structural concerns when selling or purchasing a home are the most costly items you can be faced with. Look closely at these areas, or ask you home inspector to focus on these areas in a separate walk through of the home. If you aren’t sure about something you see, have a structural engineer look at it. The cost of an inspection will be well worth the peace of mind in knowing the severity and extent of the concern. Using simple observational analysis and visual inspections can be the difference between solving a problem early on, and being faced with extensive, costly structural repairs.

Source by George Scott

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Tips On Selling a Home That Needs Foundation Repair

In several regions of the US, Canada,and UK there are many thousands of homes with concrete slab foundations built on
expansive clay soils. This means that the ground on which the house sits swells during the rainy months and shrinks during hot dry weather. These conditions can lead to foundation movement and damage.

Other regions have homes built over deep layers of organic materials, mainly peat. Sometimes homes are constructed on
fill dirt that may not have been compacted properly. These soils can also settle or otherwise move a concrete slab

The signs of foundation movement include cracks in the sheetrock that are wider at one end than the other, doors and windows that don’t close properly, uneven floors, plus cracks and separation of brick and trim on the outside of the

What should you do when you suspect that your concrete foundation needs repair and you want to put the home on the

As the seller, you must disclose the issue. The buyer’s inspector will see the signs of foundation failure and include that in his report. VA and FHA lenders are not going to lend money for a house with a bad foundation. Conventional loans are just as hard to come by.

Johnny Thompson is a licensed real estate agent in Florida. He says the best thing to do is to hire a licensed structural
engineer to do a foundation inspection and if needed, a written plan for repair. Then get bids from foundation repair
contractors that will execute the repairs according engineering plans. Keep copies of all reports and inspections before and after the repair and include them with your disclosure statement. All of this will make the mortgage process a lot easier for the buyer.

Rich Mochada is a Dallas area real estate investor. He buys and sells houses. His advice is to get the foundation repaired
before the home goes on the market. When he makes an offer on a house that has a bad slab, the offer is well below
market value. He knows he’ll not only need to repair the foundation, but it’s likely he’ll also need to call in the dry wall
folks and painters and maybe even a plumber. Foundation failure can and sometimes does break the plumbing. Leaking
pipes can be a cause of the failure as well. Thus the offer he makes to the seller would need to allow for those expenses,
some padding for when things go wrong and they almost always do, plus some profit.

Read the websites of foundation repair contractors that address the real estate angle and you’ll hear the same song. Of course it is in their interest to sing that song, but in this case the facts are on their side. If you have to beg, borrow, or dare I say it, sell the boat, get the foundation repaired before you put the house up for sale.

More information about real estate and foundation repair issues is available at

Source by Bill Pryce

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House Season 7 Premiere to Feature New Take on Dr. House

For a character who made an entire show of of being miserable (and a drug addict and one of the world’s best medical minds and, more recently, a heavy drinker, and a medical version of Sherlock Holmes), Dr. Gregory House will have something in season seven that he never had before:  What he wants.

Throughout the show’s history, House has been utterly miserable.

Foresaking even his truest friendship, with Dr. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), in order to always have his way, and then being miserable for it has more or less been a key running theme in the show of about a troubled genius.

The only relationship more important than that one has been House’s relationship with his boss (who he describes as “the floozy I work for”), Dr. Lisa Cuddy.

In the season six finale, Dr. House loses a patient in the most dramatic way imaginable following a crane collapse in a building in New Jersey, and the recovering drug addict goes for his secret stash of vicodin, House’s drug of choice.  He’s seconds away from ingesting the pills when Dr. Cuddy appears to melo-dramatically announce that she’s in love with him, despite the fact that she wishes she weren’t in love with him.

Romantics aside, the lines were reminiscent of the season five finale in which House and Cuddy also hook up.  Of course, House only imagined it in that finale.

This time around, it’s the real thing.

Fox’s glimpses into the up-coming season show that there was no hallucination and that Cuddy and House’s relationship will move beyond glib remarks and onto the center stage of the entire show.

At stake, of course, is House’s greatest fear:  That his happiness will make him lose his brilliance.

After a season of House being clean of drugs and seeing a psychologist, fans are sort of eager for a return to the old, meaner House, instead of the more recent version of House — a man who has a profound understanding of life and who sees the deeper truths behind events.

Sure, this was House all along, but in the last season, House actually acted toward the greater good, until the penultimate episode of the season in which House tells his shrink that he’s seen through the smoke and that psychology is nothing more than the craft of a witch doctor, in House’s opinion.

So, fans can assume that the old House is back.  After all, House was clearly in the middle of a downward spiral when Cuddy walked in the room and, literally, saved him from himself.

Will the relationship work?  Will House control himself, or will he squander the woman he loves for the sake of his brilliance?

Season seven will premiere on Fox at 8 PM EST on Monday, September 20, 2010.

This is one premiere that no House fan, and no fan of TV drama, should miss, and the up-coming season feels like it might be the show’s best so far.  It’ll be a new take on Dr. House, because he’ll finally have a reason to be satisfied.  The only reason to be satisfied.

He’ll be with the woman he loves.

Then again, House is not one for romanticism.

Visit for more television!

Source by Rose

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Adding a Second Story to your Home

If you find yourself and your family in need of additional space, you might want to consider adding a second story to your home. Sometimes it makes more sense to grow upward rather than outward. There are a number of considerations that should be part of your decision about whether to add a room to the side or the back of your house or to add a second story to your home.

The Benefits of Adding a Second Story to Your Home

One benefit of “growing upward” is that you don’t have to move to acquire additional space. If you like the location of your home, especially if your property has enhancing advantages, adding a second story is a very popular way to obtain the additional space without losing the neighborhood features you love. Enhancing advantages might include a view of water or a view of mountains; it might be the quality of the local schools or proximity to community amenities; it might be some family history that attaches to the house; or it might just be in the “in” area.

Another benefit of adding a second story to your home is that it provides the opportunity to modernize your home or to “lighten and brighten” by opening some spaces, adding windows, achieving higher ceilings, and the like. The addition of a second story on a ranch home can radically change the exterior appearance of the home.

Third, adding a second story provides unlimited opportunity to design the interior space of the second floor to meet your specific needs. For example, if you already have lots of windows in the house, you might want a darker space that can become a home theater. If you have a musician in the family, you might want to soundproof one of the rooms. If there is a photographer, you can design a space specifically for the needs of a darkroom. If you are adding bedrooms for your children, you might want to connect the bedrooms with a study. The possibilities are endless!

Fourth, adding a second story provides the chance to make some changes to the first floor and relatively lower additional cost. Do you love spiral staircases? When the roof comes off, you can use one to provide access to the second floor. It will also add interest to the first floor.

Some popular features

The potential for adding the features you want or need in this new space are endless. Here is a list of some of the features that are very popular today.
• A home theater room – Build in your HD Wide Screen television, add the kind of comfortable seating your family likes, add a small kitchenette for cold drinks and popcorn, and mount your Surroundsound speakers.
• A hobby or craft room – If you pursue a hobby or you are a crafter, even a seamstress, you might want a space where you can leave your work out and close the door to hide your mid-project mess.
• A play room for the kids – You can even build in cabinets and shelves for toys, games, etc.
• Extra bedrooms – One of the most common reasons for adding a second floor is to have more bedroom space and an additional bathroom.
• A teen suite or an in-law suite – There comes a time when teens want their own space. Your new second story is the perfect place to create a special suite of rooms (sitting room, bedroom, and bathroom) just for them. You can also create a spacious and comfortable in-law suite. Adding a small kitchen would create an entire apartment for parents or in-laws.

What about the cost?

You will probably find it more expensive to add a second story than to add a room or two on the ground floor. Adding to the ground floor is far less complicated and requires less modification to the existing structure. However, you probably will not be able to add as much space by adding a ground floor room. Further, the size of your lot and the local “setback” requirements may prohibit an addition of the size you need.

Is this a do-it-yourself project?

The short answer is that if you are not an architect, a contractor, a builder, or a structural engineer, it is probably NOT something to try to do yourself. Here are a few of the considerations:
• Do you know the local zoning, construction, and land use and elevation specifications?
• Do you know how to design a second story that will look like it is a natural part of the house and fits in with the neighborhood?
• Are you competent to assess the ability of the footings, the exterior walls and the interior supports to handle the additional weight?
• Do you know how and where to position the stairs that will provide access to the second floor? Do you know how to do this in a way that enhances the first floor?
• Is the foundation strong enough to carry the extra weight?
• Are you competent to do the plumbing work and connect to the existing plumbing?
• Are you competent to install electrical wiring and fixtures safely? And do you know whether you need a new main line and breaker box?
• If you want to act as your own contractor and hire people to do the things you don’t know how to do, here are some questions to ask:
1. Do you have the time to devote to micro-managing this project?
2. Do you know how to keep each step of the process on schedule so you are not paying people to stand around waiting to be able to do their part of the job?
3. Do you know what kinds of permits and inspections are required by your municipality?
4. Do you have the available time to spend investigating the people you will need to hire to each type of work?

These are just some of the questions you will need to ask. The first step in the decision, however, will be to check on the building and zoning codes for your area. Before you talk to an architect or a contractor, you will want to know what you can or cannot do. From there, the sky is the limit – perhaps literally!

Source by Dan Fritschen

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